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Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Virtual Classroom at RCREC

This virtual classroom is your "one stop shop" for useful and helpful information about happenings at RCREC. That includes everything from trainings, to workshops, podcasts and webinars, guest presenters, field day highlights, and more.

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    2024 02 13 - New Cattle Squeeze Chute Installed - watch video

    2014 08 07 - Limpograss Release

    • Release of Kenhy (4F) and BibTuck (10) Limpograss - Information Sheet - Download PDF
    • Welcome & Introductions - Dr. John Artington - watch video
    • Florida Cattlemen's Association Remarks - Bert Tucker - watch video
    • Description of the new limpograss cultivars - Dr. Ken Quesenberry - watch video
    • Tour of the Limpograss Fields with Dr. Joao Vendramini - watch video
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    Seminars, Workshops, Podcasts, Books


    Date Seminar Media
    August 13, 2021 4th Annual Nutrition for Beef Females

    Seminar evaluation and knowledge survey

    • Precalving supplementation of protein and energy: impacts on cow and calf performance | Dr. Philipe Moriel, University of Florida
      Video | PDF of PowerPoint

    • Precalving supplementation of trace minerals and fat: impacts on cow and calf performance | Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, Texas A&M University
      Video | PDF of PowerPoint

    • Pregnancy loss in beef cattle | Dr. Ky Pohler, Texas A&M University
      Video | PDF of PowerPoint

    • Guest Producer | Ralph Pelaez - Q&A with the speakers
    Fall 2021  Winter Supplementation Seminar  View the Zoom recording 
    October 22, 2020  3rd Annual Nutrition for Beef Females 
    September 24, 2020  Winter Supplementation Seminar  View the Zoom recording 
    August 11, 2020 Herd Health Seminar 


    Date Workshop Media
    Ongoing   Become a Bluebird Watcher Virtual Series  View the video series 
    Fall 2020  Alvin C. Warnick Beef Cattle Reproductive Management Video Series   View the video series 
    July 10, 2018  Use of Drones in Rangeland Monitoring  
    June 29, 2017  UF CALS Prospective Student Workshop 
    • Jason Steward, an Academic Advisor, UF CALS introduction and distance education possibilities
    • Charlotte Emerson, the Director of Student Development & Recruitment, speaks about applying to college
    • Amie Imler, an Undergraduate Program Advisor, speaks about considering a college major
    • Cathy Carr, the Director of Alumni and Career Services, uses an interactive game to explore scholarships
    • UF CALS’s Graduates share their college experience (Julie Warren, Paige Petteway, Andy Heine, Brittany Dunlap, and Taylor Davis)
    • Shelby Oseterreicher, a current graduate student, shares about her UF experience on campus
    • Jennifer Peters, a current undergraduate student, shares about her distance education experience at the UF Plant City Campus.


    Date Podcast Media
    Ongoing Joe What? Podcasting Listen to the Podcast


    Date Program Media
    April 2021 SFBFP Pasture Weed Book - Third Edition

    View/Download PDF

    Visit the South Florida Beef Forage Program Website 

  • Guest Presenters

    Guest Presenters

    PresenterProgramDate and LocationDescriptionMedia
    Steve Ensley, DVM, PhD, Clinical Toxicologist, Iowa State University  Common veterinary toxicology issues in cattle including endophytes and blue-green algae 

    February 24, 2017
    RCREC - Ona 

    Dr. Elver Hodges Interview  A Conversation with Dr. Elver Hodges  recorded on January 10, 2013 at RCREC - Ona   Dr. Hodges was the first agronomist at the Center serving from 1941 - 1980 
    Florida House Representative Ben Albritton  Links to Success  July 9, 2014
    RCREC - Ona  
    presentation for youth about leadership  Watch the Interview 
    Three STEM Students from Hardee Senior High School  FloridaLearns STEM Scholars HEC Summer STEM Field Site Experience   RCREC - Ona   Students learned about RCREC research, and also got hands-on experience  View the Presentation  
    Calf Weaning  Calf Weaning  July 2013
    RCREC - Ona 
    Each year in July, the UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC weans its calves. This vide shows some of the sights and sounds of a typical weaning day.   View the Calf Weaning
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