Yanyan Lu

Biographical Information

Advisor: Maria Silveira
Thesis Topic: Agronomic and environmental impacts of land application of biosolids to bahiagrass pastures in Florida
Hometown: Shijiazhuang-Hebei province, China
Previously Attended:
Shandong agriculture university
Research Information:
I got my master degree in Shandong agriculture university of Shandong, China. From May. 2016, I was starting my Ph.D. degree with Dr. Silveira in the Soil and Water Science Department at the University of Florida. During the following three years, I will focus on evaluating the agronomic and environmental impact of biosolids application to pastures in Florida. Hopefully, the results from my research will generate important science-based information suitable for demonstrating and promoting the benefits of land application of biosolids to producers in Florida.

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Ph.D. Student