Umberto Pardelli

Biographical Information

Umberto Pardelli was born in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil and is the youngest son of Elio Pardelli and Rosa Maria Esteves Pardelli. He is the brother of Giuliana Pardelli who is an Economist who graduated from University of Sao Paulo and is doing her Ph.D. at Princeton University. He is in his last semester as an Animal Science Major at São Paulo State University – UNESP – Botucatu. He is a member of the Group of Studies and Jr. Company, Conapec Jr. (Consultoria Agropecuaria Jr.) led by Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Moraes Vasconcelos and also performed internships and experiments related to dairy and beef cattle nutrition. Regarding internships, Umberto has had the opportunity to work at Agroterenas, FSW Company, Lageado Biotecnologia e Pecuaria, Maxxi Nutricao Animal, WR – Agropecuaria – Confinamento Estiva II, among others. 

In July 2016, Umberto began a 6 month internship at UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education center at University of Florida in Ona, Florida under Dr. John Arthigton’s guidance and is helping Juliana Ranches with hers studies.

picture of Umberto Pardelli

Exchange Visitor, Intern