Tiberio de Albuquerque Saraiva

Biographical Information

Tiberio de Albuquerque Saraiva was born in Joao Pessoa/PB, Brazil, on January 14, 1982. In 2000, Tiberio moved to Recife/PE where he started his Animal Sciences undergraduate program at the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE - http://www.ufrpe.br ). From 2002 to 2005 he was awarded with the PET/MEC/SESU Scholarship and had Dr. Angela Maria Vieira Batista as his advisor. During these years he had the opportunity to work with Ruminants Nutrition, mainly with goats, sheep and dairy cows.

In 2005, Tiberio received a scholarship from a Brazilian Government Agency (CAPES) through the "Brazil-US Consortium in Sustainable Ruminant Livestock Production Systems" and became the first student from his university to join this program. From August to December of that year he attempted at Cornell University ( http://www.cornell.edu ), NY, in the Animal Science Department, as a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Exchange Student. At Cornell he was supervised by Dr. Michael Van Amburgh, a former student of a very well known Ruminant Nutritionist, Dr. Peter Van Soest. During these months at Cornell he worked with nitrogen recycling in lactating dairy cows and also took some courses of his interest.

When he returned to Brazil in December, he presented a report about his work in the USA as a requirement to get his degree. In January 2006, he was admitted in the Master's Program of the Animal Science Department at UFRPE as a special student since he was studying abroad during the regular admissions period. In January 2007, Tiberio moved back to the USA and started his Master's Program at the University of Florida, in the Agronomy Department, advised by Dr. Joao Vendramini. Currently he is working with protein supplementation strategies for early weaned calves on cool and warm-season grasses pastures.

Current Work

  • Protein supplementation strategies for early weaned calves on Annual Ryegrass and Stargrass pastures;
  • The influence of RDP:RUP ratio in early weaned calves performance;
  • Nitrogen efficient usage by young ruminants.
photo of Tiberio de Albuquerque Saraiva