Rafael Cassiolato de Oliveira

Biographical Information

Rafael Cassiolato de Oliveira was born in São Paulo city of Sao Paulo state, Brazil, on August 22, 1985. He is the second son of Adelino Martins de Oliveira, and Célia Cassiolato . 

Rafael started his Animal Science undergraduate program at the Sao Paulo State University (UNESP)/Botucatu-SP in 2004. He has worked with beef cattle (management, nutrition, and reproduction) since he began his studies in Animal Sciences. 

Rafael spent many of his vacations doing internships with beef cattle ranches and companies related to beef cattle. 

He received an opportunity of to come to RCREC (Range Cattle Research and Education Center) by Doctor John Arthington. 

Fabio arrived at RCREC-Ona in August, 2009. He will spend four months in Ona. At present, he is doing his internship with forage in general and beef cattle. Under advising of Dr. John Arthington.

Picture of Rafael Cassiolato de Oliveira

Student Intern