Pedro Afonso Mamede Campos

Biographical Information

Pedro Afonso Mamede Campos was born in the city of Iturama - MG, Brazil. He is the son of Maria Amélia Mamede Campos and Antônio Carlos de Campos, and the brother of Patrícia Mamede Campos.

During his course in Agronomy Engineering at the Paulista State University (UNESP), Jaboticabal campus. He worked with Dr. Ricardo Andrade Reis for three years, and did his scientific initiation, where he did an economic analysis of different rearing systems on feedlot termination. He did internships during two summer vacations at Fazenda Inhumas do Arantes a municipality of Campina Verde-MG, Brazil working with forage and animal nutrition.

Pedro arrived at the RCREC in Ona in January 2017 for a 5 month internship with Dr. Joao Vendramini.

Photo of Pedro Afonso Mamede Campos