Murilo Marchesi Salin

Biographical Information

Murilo Marchesi Salin was born in Araraquara, São Paulo state, Brazil, on April 18, 1983, and raised in Araraquara. He is the youngest son of Luiz Carlos Salin and Luzia Marchesi Salin. Murilo spent his childhood and youth in Araraquara, a medium size city in the countryside of São Paulo state.

In 2004, Murilo began his Animal Science undergraduate program at the University of São Paulo (Universidade de São Paulo- USP) - Pirassununga -São Paulo. The University of São Paulo is known and respected in Brazil and abroad for all areas. The USP was ranked by Brazilian Education Ministry as the best university in Brazil in 2009. As an undergraduate, Murilo participated of research with forage and nutrition ruminants.

Murilo started e-mail communications with Dr. João Vendramini, to spend a half year at Range Cattle Research and Education Center. He received his animal science BS degree in August of 2009, and in September of the same year, he began the Program Short Term Scholar at Range Cattle Research and Education Center. 

photo of Murilo Marchesi Salin