Ke Zhang

Biographical Information

Ke Zhang was born in northeast of China, grown up in Beijing. He made the decision in the last year of high school to study wildlife ecology in the college. He was enrolled with “wildlife conservation and reserve management” major by Beijing Forestry University.
During the four years of undergraduate life, he participated in field research including bird surveys, mammal tracking, and reptile trapping. The experience contributed to his interest to continue his study of wildlife and encouraged him to apply for the masters program in ecology in the US.

In 2014 he was enrolled in the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation master program at the University of Florida. Currently, he is advised by Dr. Raoul Boughton to continue his exploration of the world of ecology. His master's research interests are coyote’s behavior and ecology on rangeland in central Florida. He is participating in Dr. Boughton’s coyote research at Lightsey and Buck Island Ranch

picture of Ke Zhang

Ph.D. Student