José Matos de Brito Neto

Biographical Information

José Matos de Brito Neto, was born in the city of Mogi Mirim on April 1, 1988. He is the youngest son of Ulisses Matos de Brito and Carla Franco Bucci da Silva Matos de Brito. He has an older sister named Juliana. As a child José lived with his grandmother Eivany on a small Ranch, his aunt Eliete and his uncle Tute whom he considers as a father. 

José started his college in 2008 in the Animal Science courses. From the begining of his college experience José lived in the fraternity Boi Na Zone, which to him is a second family. His friends there study Agronomy, Forestry and Animal Science. 

In college, José always liked the study of Beef Cattle because of the time spent in his childhood holidays on the farm where his grandmother lives in Aquidauana located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Because of this and other factors, made the company whose founder Conapec Jr is my teacher, mentor and friend José Luiz Moraes de Vasconcelos (Zequinha) where I learned many things. José says, Thanks to him he had the opportunity to fulfill his mandatory internship at the University of Florida, Range Cattle Research and Education Center (RCREC) under the guidance of Dr. João Vendramini and at the University of Oregon under the guidance of Dr. Reinaldo Cooke. 

Phase 1 of José internship, conducted at the RCREC in Ona, Florida involves assisting with several research projects focused on beef cattle nutrition and pasture managment. Phase 2 of his internship will be completed at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (Burns Station). There he will participate in research studies focusing on beef cattle production. 

He will return to Brazil in November 2012 for graduation, after which he plans to study a specialization in the area of pasture and nutrition of ruminants and start working in one of the regions of cattle raising in Brazil.

photo of José Matos de Brito Neto