Hiran Marcelo da Silva

Biographical Information

Hiran Silva was born in Recife PE Brazil in October 8, 1980. He is son of José Carlos da Silva an assistant engineer and Josefa Silva a housewife. Hiran has one brother Halan Silva who serves in the US Army, Jôse Helane Silva and is a Human Resources undergraduate student, and two sisters, Diana Raquel Silva, a chemistry student pursueing her Master's Degree and Juliane Andreza Silva, a Business Administration undergraduate student. 

In 2005 Hiran received his Agronomist Engineer Bachelor at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFRPE) – Recife/PE. In March of the 2007, he began his Master’s Degree at the same university at the Animal Science Department under supervision of Ph.D. José Carlos Batista Dubeux Júnior (Dubeux) which received his M.Sc. program in Animal Science in 2009. 

He started his Doctorate’s degree at UFRPE on March of the 2009 under the guidance of Ph.D. Dubeux. During his program he will work with Nutrient Cycling in pastures ecosystems on different Nitrogen Fertilizer and Stocking Rate and the respective correlations between them. Hiran started his Visiting Scholar’s Program at UF/IFAS in May 2012. He is located at Range Cattle Research and Education Center where he will be for four months. Here he will develop studies on organic matter and the relationship with carbon, nitrogen and decomposition rate.

photo of Hiran Marcelo da Silva

Visiting Scholar