Gislene Roberta Manarim

Biographical Information

Gislene Roberta Manarim was born in Piracicaba, São Paulo state, Brazil, on September 03, 1986. She is the oldest daughter of Paulo Cherles Manarim and Silvia Aparecida Setem. Her father is banking and her mother is a businesswoman. Her sister is an undergraduate student in Agronomy. Gislene spent her childhood and youth in Piracicaba where all her family lives. She became interested in agriculture when she was a child. 

In 2006, Gislene began her Agronomy undergraduate program at the University of São Paulo (Universidade de São Paulo – USP) in Piracicaba city. As an undergraduate, Gislene was an intern in the Genetics Department from August/2006 to August/2007; also an intern for ESALQ Junior Consultants from August/2007 to July/2008; and in the Forage sector from August/2008 to June/2010, all of them in ESALQ. 

She arrived at Range Cattle REC, Ona, Florida in July 2010 as an intern. Gislene will receive her Agronomy degree in January of 2011.

photo of Gislene Roberta Manarim