Daniel Rodrigues Moura

Biographical Information

Daniel Rodrigues Moura was born in the city of Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, on July 23, 1984. Daniel is the second son of Magno Daniel de Melo Moura and Maria de Lourdes Rodrigues Moura. He grew up in a small neighborhood spending a lot of time playing soccer and going hiking.

Daniel started his undergraduate degree program at the Federal University of Vicosa (www.ufv.br) in environmental engineering in 2002. In 2005, Daniel was awarded with a scholarship from a Brazilian Government Agency (CAPES) in order to study at the University of Georgia (UGA) for one semester. He joined the School of Forest and Natural Resources at UGA for the spring semester 2006 under Dr. Lawrence Morris supervising.

In August 2007, Daniel finished his bachelor's degree and in the same month, he started his master's program at the University of Florida, in the Soil and Water Science Department. He has been working with phosphorus issues related to land application of wastewater with Dr. Maria Silveira and Dr. George O'Connor as advisors.

Current Work

  • Every soil can be a source or a sink of phosphorus (P) depending on soils chemical characteristics, including P concentration. Soil P storage capacity (SPSC) is direct measure of the P load that can be safely applied to the soil before the soil becomes a P source, posing environmental problems. Daniel's study is intended to field validate the SPSC concept with wastewater under rapid infiltration basin (RIB) conditions. The concept might be used for regulating P applications to Florida soils.
photo of Daniel Rodrigues Moura

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