Daniel Guimaraes Abe

Biographical Information

Daniel Guimaraes Abe was born in Sao Paulo city, Brazil, on January 14th, 1986. He is the oldest son of Carlos Sussumu Abe and Aurea Aparecida Guimaraes Abe who are owners of a decoration company. His brother is a second year medicine student at Faculdade de Medicina de Jundia. 

In 2006, Daniel began his Agronomy undergraduate program at The Sao Paulo State University (Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP), campus Jaboticabal. As an undergraduate, Daniel was an intern in the Entomology department from July 2007 to July 2010. During his project he received an assistantship from the FIBRIA, a pulp and paper company, from June to November in 2009 to develop research on plant resistance against insects. In addition, Daniel coordinated a 3-day course about management of Rubber trees at his university. 

In July 2010, Daniel arrived at Range Cattle REC (Ona, FL) for his undergraduate internship in weed science, where he spent five months advised by Dr. Brent Sellers. There he performed a specific project on the effects of aminocyclopyraclor herbicide on several tropical forages utilized in south Florida. 

In the Fall of 2012, Daniel started his Masters program at the University of Florida advised by Dr. Brent Sellers. Daniel's research interests include studying the impacts of aminocyclopyrachlor on weed control and forage tolerance in Florida grazing lands.

picture of Daniel Guimaraes Abe

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