Staff Directory

REC Director

Dr. Brent Sellers
Professor and Center Director
Farm and Facilities
photo of Dennis Kalich
Mr. Dennis Kalich

Research Coordinator/Farm Manager
Photo of Austin Bateman
Mr. Austin Bateman

Research Coordinator/Herdsman
Photo of Terry Neels
Mr. Terry Neels

Agricultural Assistant II
Photo of Jeff Steele
Mr. Jeffery Steele

Sr. Agricultural Assistant
Photo of Jacob Miller
Mr. Jacob Miller

Agricultural Assistant I
Photo of Ryan Nevling
Mr. Ryan Nevling
Agricultural Assistant III
Photo of Tom Fussell
Mr. Tom Fussell

Agricultural Assistant III/
Assistant Herdsman

photo not available
Mr. David Womble
Agricultural Assistant I
Photo of Randy Crawfis
Mr. Randy Crawfis

Maintenance Generalist II

Group picture of RCREC Farm Crew

Office and Clerical
photo of Christina Markham
Mrs. Christina Markham

Administrative Specialist I
Photo of Lauria Gause
Mrs. Lauria Gause

Administrative Support Assistant
photo of Andrea Dunlap
Mrs. Andrea Dunlap
Marketing and Communications Specialist
REC Admin Staff Virtual Gathering - Schedule with Links - 7 22 2021
Photo of Kim Parks
Mrs. Kim Parks

Custodial Worker I

Professor and Interim Center Director
Photo of Joseph Noel
Mr. Joesph Noel
Agricultural Assistant II
Picture of Joao Vendramini
Dr. Joao Vendramini
picture of Hiran M Siqueira da Silva
Dr. Hiran M Siqueira da Silva
Biological Scientist II
Animal Sciences 
picture of Philipe Moriel
Dr. Philipe Moriel 
Associate Professor
Photo of Julie Warren
Mrs. Julie Warren
Biological Scientist II
Livestock and Forage Economics
picture of Chris Prevatt
Mr. Chris Prevatt
State Specialized Extension Agent II
Soil and Water Sciences 
Picture of Maria Siveira
Dr. Maria Silveira

Biological Scientist 

Wildlife, Ecology, and Conservation 

Dr. Hance Ellington
Assistant Professor 

Photo of Bethany Wight
Ms. Bethany Wight
Biological Scientist II