Dr. Philipe Moriel

Associate Professor - Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management

Research Focus (60%)

Specific research areas:

  • Evaluate the impact of nutrition of cows and heifers during gestation (Fetal-programming) and calf nutrition during early stages of pre-weaning phase (Metabolic Imprinting) on offspring metabolism and long-term consequences to offspring health, growth and immunity.
  • Evaluate the impact of heat stress during gestation, and identify nutritional and management approaches to overcome these potential negative effects.
  • Strategic supplementation during pre- and post-breeding periods to optimize pregnancy rates and calving distribution of beef cows and replacement beef heifers.
  • Identify cost-effective, post-weaning nutrition and management strategies to: 
    (1) Develop replacement beef heifers; 
    (2) Alleviate calf stress, increase calf immunity, response to vaccination and value at sale.

Extension Focus (40%)

Develop multi-disciplinary, statewide, producer-driven extension programs to increase cow-calf profitability in tropical and subtropical environments. More specifically, my extension focus will consist of a variety of educational programs using information generated primarily at RCREC to increase health, growth and reproductive performance of grazing beef cattle.


  • Implement multi-county, multi-state hands-on educational programs for beef cattle producers.
  • Increase County Agent training to further improve the service to Florida beef cattle producers.
  • Collaborate with extension specialists in Florida and other states to optimize grazing beef cattle production in U.S.
Philipe Moriel

Associate Professor - Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management