Dr. John Arthington

Center Director and Professor - Beef Cattle Management

Administration (50%)

Research Focus (25%)

Optimization of forage resources to improve cow/calf productivity in subtropical environments

  • Identify grazing systems, which focus on optimization of favorable contributions of subtropical forages throughout the growing season.
  • Evaluate supplementation strategies, which efficiently and economically address the mineral, energy, and protein requirements of grazing cattle.

Managing stress to optimize productivity in cattle

  • Define methods for measuring and characterizing the physiological consequences of stress (environmental, social, and inflammatory) in cattle.
  • Identify opportunities for optimizing stress resistance in cattle through nutrition, breeding, and management considerations.

Extension Focus (25%)

Educate Florida cattle producers on cost-effective supplementation strategies to fortify the nutritional needs of grazing cattle in subtropical environments, with specific focus on mineral, energy, and protein. These efforts are in direct coordination and support of the state-wide major program, 1) FL103 - Improving the Production, Efficiency, and Marketability of Beef Cattle in Florida, and 2) FL102 - Forage Production for Livestock and Dairy.

  • Identify grazing systems, which optimize the use of subtropical forages during winter months.
  • Identify nutritional and managerial factors for optimizing stress resistance in livestock.
  • Evaluate economically relevant calf management programs, which optimize calf immune competence and subsequent performance.
  • Evaluate practical management strategies for improving reproductive performance of young cows.
John Arthington

Center Director and Professor - Beef Cattle Management