Dr. Joao Vendramini

Professor, Agronomy - Forage Specialist

Research Focus (60%)

The research program is dedicated to forage management with emphasis on sub-tropical production systems. The major area of interest is forage-livestock interface and the impact of forage management on forage and animal production, and environmental quality.

The specific research areas are:

  1. The effects of supplementation on forage and animal production
  2. Warm- and cool-season forage management
  3. Alternative uses of forage crops
  4. Nutrient management on forage crop systems

Extension Focus (40%)

The main objective of the Forage extension program is to disseminate science based information. Educational activities and extension publications are elaborated to deliver updated information to stakeholders, educators, and producers.

There are two extension program areas:

  1. Increase producer awareness of the importance of forage testing 

    The most accurate and reliable method to estimate forage nutritive value is forage testing. The objectives of this program are: a) to develop and deliver educational programs on forage sampling, testing, forage testing results interpretation that promote the potential benefits of forage testing on diet formulation and nutrient management for livestock producers, and b) conduct forage testing campaigns in Florida.
  2. Forage management 

    Extend research based knowledge on forage management for producers and educators.


Joao Vendramini

Professor, Agronomy - Forage Specialist