Dr. Brent Sellers

Professor and Center Director, Agronomy - Pasture and Rangeland Weed Management

Research Focus (40%)

Weed management in pastures and rangeland

  • Identify problematic weeds in pastures and rangeland and implement economically and
    environmentally sound control measures.
  • Examine weed biology and ecology as related to pasture and rangeland management strategies.
  • Weed control in fence rows and pasture borders.

Invasive weed management

  • Identification of invasive weeds and management strategies, which includes cultural,
    herbicidal, and biological control methodologies.
  • Biology of invasive plant species.

Extension Focus (60%)

Educate cattle ranchers and ranchette owners on cost effective weed
control strategies for weed control in pastures and rangeland

  • Evaluate economically relevant weed control programs, which optimize forage production.
  • Identify cost effective weed control programs for forage grasses such as bahiagrass,
    limpograss, bermudagrass and other commonly grown forages.
  • Identify grazing and fertility management systems that promote forage growth and suppress
    weed emergence and establishment.
Brent Sellers

Professor and Interim Center Director, Agronomy - Pasture and Rangeland Weed Management