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Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Forage Agronomy Program

Research and Extension Programs

Grasslands cover approximately 11 million acres in Florida, most of which are utilized by livestock. The livestock industry is a very important contributor to Florida’s economy with over 1,700,000 beef cattle, 150,000 dairy cows, 500,000 horses and 45,000 goats. Since pasture grasses are the cornerstone for most livestock production systems and the livestock industry contributes significantly to Florida’s agriculture revenue, proper forage management is crucial to increase the profitability of livestock operations.

The particular focus of my program is the forage-livestock-environment interface. Due to Florida’s unique subtropical location within the US, my research has had broad applicability to both FL and subtropical and tropical countries. My research seeks solutions to make forage-livestock production systems more profitable and environmentally sound. The research program has two major foci: 1) supplementation effects on forage and animal production, and 2) management of warm- and cool-season forage species.

My extension effort supports county extension faculty on development and delivery of educational programs and providing assistance to producers who have forage management questions. It is divided into two main programs: 1) increasing adoption of forage testing for greater forage and livestock production efficiency, and 2) developing educational programs on forage management to assist county extension faculty and producers.


Dr. Joao Vendramini
(863) 735-1314 ext. 205