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Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Beef Cattle and Forage Economics Program

Extension Program

The cattle industry has a huge impact on Florida’s economy. Nearly 50% of Florida’s agricultural land is involved in cattle production contributing more than $670 million dollars’ to Florida’s economy. Florida is home to the 12thlargest cowherd in the United States, which makes up 3% of the total United States Beef Cow Industry. Raising cattle in Florida continues to be one of the most important businesses in the state.

There are many issues that present economic challenges for today’s cattle and forage producers. The outcome of these issues will have a tremendous impact on their individual cattle operations as well as the overall state economy. The profitability of Florida’s cattle ranches is dependent on their current input selections and input prices, management practices, and marketing decisions. Thus, Extension education that focuses on making better economic decision can have a significant short and long term positive impact. This program is responsible for the development and teaching of beef cattle and forage economics that benefit Florida’s cattle industry. Our efforts are to provide education of the economics of beef cattle and forage enterprises, costs and returns of traditional management practices, economic analysis of the latest technological inputs, and marketing strategies that could increase the profitability of beef cattle and forage producers in Florida. The development of these programs will be based on the needs of stakeholders, county and state faculty, Florida Cattlemen’s Association, and from interaction with beef cattle and forage producers.