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Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Pasture Weed Management Information Resources

Dr. Brent A. Sellers

Much information is available for pasture weed management in Florida. We are faced with new weed control challenges almost everyday and we adapt our research and extension programs to answer and solve current and potential future problems. The purpose of this article is to give you access to the most recent information concerning weed management in Florida pastures.

The most current information can be found at the Range Cattle REC website, where you will find information on weed identification, EDIS fact sheets, and other timely information. Also check out the “In Focus” archives, which contain information on several topics besides weed control. In addition to this web site, the weed science web site contains several slide sets and EDIS fact sheets on pasture weed management.

There are several EDIS fact sheets concerning pasture weed management. I believe all of these could be potentially useful for your pasture weed management needs. However, there is one in particular that I believe you need to keep with you. It is the EDIS fact sheet entitled “Weed Management in Pastures and Rangeland-2009” . This fact sheet can also be found at your county extension office. Please be sure that is the most updated version. If it does not have the current or future year in the title, please ask for an updated copy. This publication, along with several others, is updated annually to ensure that you have the most current information.

We realize that not all information is currently available. However, between Dr. Jason Ferrell and myself, we believe we are a lot further along than we were 3 or 4 years ago. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or your local county agent.