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Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Forage Extension Laboratory at the RCREC

by Dr. Joao Vendramini 

The Range Cattle Research and Education Center at Ona, FL will start to receive forage samples for analyzes in August 15 2007. Two campaigns will be done during the second semester of 2007. The results of samples received in August will be reported on October 01 2007 and samples received in September and October will be reported on November 15 2007. The report will contain crude protein and total digestible nutrients (TDN). The cost of the sample will be $ 5.00. The submission form, details about the shipping, and payment will be found at our web site through the Agronomy Program.

Remember, properly collecting and identifying a forage sample is very important. Hay samples should be taken with a core whereas the sampler is driven into the end of a rectangular bale or the rounded side of a round bale. Several cores should be combined in one composite sample. Each cutting should be sampled and analyzed differently.

Pastures can be collected by "hand-plucked" samples or cut with scissors from different places around the pasture. Samples should be sent to the laboratory immediately after they are placed in a plastic bag. Remember, your results will be as good as your sample. More information about forage sampling can be found at Forage Testing.

If you have any questions about the Forage Extension Laboratory, please contact Joe Vendramini, (863) 735-1314.