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Student & Exchange Visitor Directory

Current Students

  • Dr. Hance Ellington

    Current Students of Dr. Hance Ellington

    None at this time.

  • Dr. Philipe Moriel

    Current Students of Dr. Philipe Moriel

    Vinicius de Souza Izquierdo | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    Vinicius grew up in Camaquã, a small city located in the south of Rio Grande do Sul state - Brazil. In 2014 he started to study Veterinary at the Federal University of Pelotas and graduated in 2018. During the Veterinary program, Vinicius collaborated with several research and extension projects about animal metabolism, reproduction, and nutrition. Still as an undergraduate, Vinicius went to Argentina, at the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, to do an internship under guidance of Dr. Luis Losinno. He worked with embryo transfer, oocyte maturation and gamete preservation of mares.

    In 2019 Vinicius started his Master’s program at the Federal University of Pelotas advised by Dr. Marcio Nunes Corrêa and co-advised by Dr. Eduardo Schmitt, where he developed two experiments with rumen-protected methionine supplementation for postpartum Nelore cows exposed to high temperature-humidity index environments, and its effects on heat-stress and reproductive parameters.

    On July 12, Vinicius started his exchange visitor program as a research scholar at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC, under guidance of Dr. Philipe Moriel to work with the Ona nutrition and management group.

    Lais de Oliveira Lima | Ph.D. Student

    Laís is originally from Jundiaí, a city located in the state of Sao Paulo - Brazil. In 2018, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences - UNESP, Jaboticabal Campus. Consecutively, she initiated her Master’s degree in ruminant nutrition and grazing management at the same institution.

    During her undergraduate studies Laís had the opportunity to work on several research trials in the South Carolina, Australia, and Brazil which allowed her to study and develop technical and practical skills in many different pasture-based and feedlot ruminant production systems. These experiences have provided her a great overall vision of different production systems but also substantial knowledge in a few different areas.

    She returned to the United States, more precisely to the Range Cattle Research and Education Centre in Ona, Florida in order to undertake a PhD program while being supervised by Dr. Philipe Moriel. Her dissertation will focus on fetal-programming and heat stress during gestation of heifers.

    Elizabeth Palmer | Ph.D. Student

  • Dr. Brent Sellers

    Current Students of Dr. Brent Sellers

    Clay Cooper | M.S. Student

    Photo of Clay Cooper.

    Clay Cooper first grew up in Crystal River and moved to Lecanto during middle school. He spent his summers at his grandparents place on Kings Bay and enjoyed fishing and being on the water. When his family moved to Lecanto they acquired some land and he began showing livestock at the county fair and soon shows across the state. Eventually his father and he started their own herd of cattle. When he wasn’t working with cattle Clay enjoyed playing baseball, hunting and fishing.

    Clay attended the College of Central Florida in Ocala, FL and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness in 2016. While he was getting his bachelor’s degree Clay worked at Publix, operated a feed store, and continued working on his family cattle. Near the end of his degree he noticed a position posted for a UF/IFAS Extension program assistant in Citrus County. Citrus County had been looking for a full time extension agent for a while but had difficulty filling the position so they changed it to a program assistant position. Clay applied and got the position in 2015 while finishing his bachelor’s degree. He quickly filled in the role focusing on commercial agricultural producers, cow/calf operations, produce production and forage management. This included soil sampling, forage production assessments, weed identification and control and advice on livestock production, specifically emphasizing better management practices to improve production efficiencies. Soon after Clay graduated they re-opened the position as a full-time extension agent and he got the position. As Clay transferred into this full extension agent position most of his job duties remained the same but he was also tasked with the assisting in natural resources. This led him to get more involved in wildlife management, invasive species control and efforts to reduce water usage and improve water use efficiencies on agricultural lands.

    To maintain his position as a UF/IFAS Extension Agent for Citrus County, Clay needed to earn his Master’s degree. Clay had worked with Dr. Sellers previously on weed identification and management. While visiting the RCREC one day for an event he ended up sitting next to Dr. Sellers and they began discussing different program opportunities for a master’s degree at the center. Shortly after, Dr. Sellers attended a pasture management program Clay was hosting and they talked more about major weeds affecting Florida cattleman. Clay had recently met with some local cattleman and they communicated that they were having big issues with a weed called brunswickgrass, also referred to as brown seeded paspalum.

    At the time there was little to no data on how to manage this weed in pastures. Dr. Sellers came for a site visit near Clay and saw how big of a problem brunswickgrass was to bahiagrass pastures and livestock producers. Clay and Dr. Sellers came to the conclusion that data needed to be collected on this pasture weed and it would be fitting for a master’s research project. Clay started as a master’s student under Dr. Sellers in the fall of 2018.

    Clay’s research will focus on investigating management strategies for controlling brunswickgrass in bahiagrass seed production fields in Florida. He will be conducting trials examining annual forage rotations, herbicide titrations, application timings and the impacts of rainfall. The annual forage rotation part involved applying glyphosate to a study pasture and then prepping and planting warm season annuals to see if they could hold back brunswickcgrass regeneration. After the forage rotation study, a local producer contacted Clay about using hexazinone to control smutgrass and seeing an impact on brunswickgrass. So Dr. Sellers and Clay decided to see if and at what application rate hexazinone would provide adequate control of brunswickgrass. They applied hexazinone at ½, 1, 2, 3, and 4 pints to see what rate was effective at controlling brunswickgrass. They also wanted to examine the timing of applications using hexazinone, as commercial applications were applied in April and by mid-Summer showed significant regeneration. They tried applications later in the year, May-September and attempted to narrow down the application rate and time of application monthly to find the most effective treatment. From seeing better results of hexazinone application later in the season they also chose to conduct a rainfall stimulation study to assess what affect rainfall had on treatment.

    When Clay is not working as an extension agent he still enjoys hunting, fishing and just about anything outdoors. Clay plans to graduate in 2021.

    Seth Oren | M.S. Student (non-thesis)

    Advisor: Dr. Brent Sellers
    Hometown: Edgerton, WI
    Previously Attended: University of Wisconsin - Platteville

    Caetano Augusto Rossi Sales | M.S. Student

    Caetano is originally from Berkeley, California but lived most of his life in Goiânia, Brazil. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy at Sao Paulo State University (Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP). As an undergraduate he was an intern at LAPDA – Laboratório de Plantas Daninhas, the weed science laboratory of the university, under the supervision of Dr. Pedro Luis da Costa Aguiar Alves. He also had the opportunity to work abroad at N. Casertano Greenhouses & Farms in the state of Connecticut, USA.

    In January 2020 he began his undergraduate internship, here at UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC, where he spent six months advised by Dr. Brent Sellers on research with pasture and rangeland weed management.

    In August 2020, Caetano started his Master’s degree in Weed Science at the University of Florida, advised by Dr. Brent Sellers. Caetano’s research interests include studying the impacts of florpyrauxifen-benzyl on weed control and forage tolerance in Florida grazing lands.

  • Dr. Maria Silveira

    Current Students of Dr. Maria Silveira

    Dr. Abmael da Silva Cardoso | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    I was born in Ceres, Brazil, a small town named in honor of the Roman goddess of agriculture. As far as I know, all my ancestors have dedicated their lives to crop and livestock production. When I was a child, I wore my checkered hat and helped my grandfather to manage our family’s cow herd. Because farming is in my blood, I decided to pursue a high school diploma in agriculture, follow by a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences, master in soil science, and PhD in animal science.

    My passion for scientific discovery began when I was 14 years old and never stopped since then. In high school, I participated in experiments designed to evaluate the allelopathic effect of African Bermuda grass (Cynodon nlumfuensis) on weeds and N fertilization on wheat production. During my high school, I also attended my first scientific conference.

    During my undergraduate program at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, I studied nitrous oxide emissions from animal excreta. During my master, I conducted a life cycle analysis assessing the environmental impacts of the 5 main Brazilians beef cattle production systems. During my PhD in Animal Science at São Paulo State University, I evaluated strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from grazing systems. During this period, I also had the opportunity to work for 1 year as a Visiting Scholar in the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich, Switzerland where I learned stable isotope techniques (such as 15N) to identify N2O pathways.

    After completing my PhD degree, I worked as a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Animal Sciences in the São Paulo State University. During this period, I had the opportunity to broaden my scientific skills. My research interests included animal production in grassland, grassland management, and assessing greenhouse gas emissions from dairy and beef cattle production.

    In 2019, I met Dr. Silveira during the short course offered to the Unesp Forage Research group in Jaboticabal. In Sept. 2021, I joined her program at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC in Ona as an exchange visitor, research scholar for a three year program. I am thrilled to be part of the USDA, Long-Term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) network mainly because of the multidisciplinary nature of this project and the complex production and ecological challenges it addresses. To me, this is a great opportunity to work collaboratively on science-based solutions that can help advance sustainable intensification of agriculture in the U.S. and globally.

    Dr. Marta Moura Kohmann | Exchange Visitor (Postdoctoral Associate)

    Marta Moura Kohmann is originally from Southern Brazil, and received her B.S. in Agronomy from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil. While an undergraduate student, Marta worked as a research assistant in the areas of agrometeorology and grazing ecology. During her undergraduate studies, Marta participated in a study abroad program from FIPSE-CAPES and spent one semester in the University of Florida, where she took classes and worked with research.

    In August 2011, Marta moved to Gainesville, FL to pursuit her master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Florida. Her program focused on quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from beef production systems in Florida through both modeling and field experiments. During her time as a master’s degree student, she was a part of the AgroClimate Group led by Dr. Clyde W. Fraisse (main advisor). This group has the goal of providing producers with climate information via interactive tools to assist in management decisions, and provided her with many opportunities to meet with farmers and stakeholders. During that time, Marta also assisted in organizing the Agro-Systems Seminars, a seminar series that hosted visiting researchers presenting novel work to faculty, staff, and students in the University of Florida.

    In May 2014, Marta initiated her Ph.D. degree in Forage Management in University of Florida’s Agronomy Department under the guidance of Dr. Lynn E. Sollenberger. The overarching goal of her doctorate program was to quantity ecosystem services provided by inclusion of legumes in grass pastures. During her program, Marta studied nutrient cycling in legume-grass mixed swards compared to grass-only pastures managed with typical N fertilization rates. She also investigated greenhouse gas emissions from excreta of animals fed legume-grass pastures compared to N-fertilized grass monocultures. While a Ph.D. student, Marta had the opportunity to serve as a Teaching Assistant in Forage Science and Range Management (3 semesters) and Experimental Statistics for Plant Science (two semesters), an activity she truly enjoys. Additionally, Marta served the Agronomy Graduate Student Association as treasurer and as vice-president, helping organize events to integrate faculty and students in the department.

    Currently, Marta is a Postdoctoral Associate under Dr. Maria Silveira working on the LTAR (Long-Term Agroecosystem Research) project. The LTAR project is part of a nation-wide network sponsored by the USDA with the objective of increasing sustainability in different agricultural production systems. In Florida, the research is developed with a partnership between the Range Cattle REC and Archbold Biological Center and evaluates the effect of fire frequency and associated mechanical control of native rangeland on greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient cycling, soil chemical characteristics, vegetation biomass and composition, and many other parameters of agronomic and environmental relevance. This research is of particular interest due to the importance of native rangelands in South Florida, a unique ecosystem hosting multiple plant and animal species and threatened by increasing urbanization. Results from this project with help define management practices that reduce risks and increase sustainability of native rangelands.

    Ester Cristina Ricken | Exchange Visitor (Student Intern)

    Ester is originally from Braço do Norte, Brazil. She grew up on a dairy farm in a small town in southern Brazil where her interest in agriculture started at an early age. During high school, she decided to pursue a technical degree in agriculture at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina.

    Ester is currently an undergraduate student in the same institution pursuing a B.S. degree in Agronomy. Ester has worked with soil and forage research team for almost two years. Her previous experience includes working on a dairy farm, an ag retailer, and in her university's extension division.

    In September 2021 she joined Dr. Maria Silveira's program for a 1-year student internship as an exchange visitor at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC in Ona.

    After she completes her program at UF, she is interested in continuing her education and possibly pursuing a master’s degree.

    Leandro Otavio Vieira Filho | Ph.D. Student

  • Dr. Joao Vendramini

    Current Students of Dr. Joao Vendramini

    Jaime Eduardo Garzón Alfonso | Ph.D. Student

    Molly Jones | M.S. Student

    Molly is from Haines City, FL. She attended high school in Lakeland at George Jenkins where she participated in the veterinary academy and competed on the veterinary science, citrus, and land evaluation teams for FFA. After completing high school, she went on to Warner University in Lake Wales to earn her bachelor’s degree in agricultural studies with a focus on animal science.

    On June 2 Molly began her 3-month internship with Dr. Vendramini to dive deeper into the plant side of the industry.

  • In Memoriam Martin B. Adjei Internship

    Current Martin B. Adjei Intern

    None at this time.

  • Veterans Florida Agriculture Program

    Current Veterans Florida Agriculture Program Intern

    Connie Blocker

    Connie is from Immokalee, FL where she grew up working in the agriculture business in many capacities. After high school she worked at First Bank of Immokalee as a teller and receptionist. She joined the U.S. Army on September 11, 1997 and has served as a Military Police Officer and as an Intelligence Analyst. She has 5 combat tours to Afghanistan and has been stationed overseas multiple locations to include Germany and Africa. She is currently stationed at Special Operations Command Central at Macdill Airforce Base in Tampa where she will retire with 24 years of service in October 2021.

    Connie currently lives in Arcadia with her husband and 2 children on their 20 acre farm called Barrell Creek. They plan to grow their cattle herd and enjoy being outdoors together taking care of the farm and riding horses.

    On May 17 Connie began her 6-month program at the Ona RCREC in the Veterans Florida Agriculture Program to learn about cattle, forages, agronomy, and soil science research and extension.

Previous Students

  • Dr. John Arthington

    Former Students of Dr. John Arthington

    Davi Araujo | M.S. Student

    Picture of Davi Brito de Araujo

    Davi Brito de Araujo was born in Mogi Mirim, a small town localized in the Citrus Belt of state of São Paulo/Brazil, on February 19, 1981. He is the oldest son of Eduardo Netto de Araujo, a mechanic engineer; Arlete Aparecida Brito de Araujo, a sport educator; and brother of Marília Brito de Araujo, an advertisement undergraduate student. He is also the oldest grandson of Eivany Julianetti de Brito, who owns a cattle ranch in Aquidauana / MS, and an orange grove and feedlot ranch in Mogi Mirim /SP, where he spent all his childhood and when his background in cattle began.

    Davi started the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) - Botucatu / SP, in 2000. The UNESP - Botucatu Vet School has been ranked among the Top 2 programs in the country during the last 15 years. During the five years of the vet school program, Davi participated at the Student Enterprise of Beef and Dairy Production (CONAPEC Jr.) with his first advisor Dr. Jose Luiz Moraes Vasconcelos, who offered the opportunity for Davi to study as an intern in the USA during his last two semesters of his Vet School program.

    In January 2005, Davi started an internship at UC Davis - VMTRC Tulare, advised by Dr Jose Eduardo Portela Santos, where he had the chance to work with nutrition, reproduction and health of dairy cattle. On July 2005, he moved to Ona, Florida, where he started another internship, advised by Dr. John Arthington at the Range Cattle REC. At Ona, Davi worked with beef cattle management, trace minerals, and fatty acid supplementation and immunology, along with his friend Reinaldo Cooke.

    Davi received his DVM degree in December of 2005, and came back to the RCREC in March of 2006 to work on another internship. He started his Master of Science degree in the summer of 2007, which will be completed during the spring 2009.

    In the summer of 2008, Davi started a Master of Agribusiness, which is combined with his first Master, in the Department of Food and Economic Resources, advised by Dr. Allen Wysocki.

    Davi has 3 publications in refereed journals and 16 abstracts.

    Currently Davi is living in Ona at the RCREC, producing more research and finishing his Thesis.

    Jose Arce | Ph.D. Student

    picture of Jose A. Arce-Cordero

    Advisor: John Arthington
    Thesis Topic: Bioavailability of trace-mineral sources for beef cattle
    Country of origin: Costa Rica
    Previously Attended:
    2016 - M.S. (Animal Science), Colorado State University
    2008 - B.S. (Animal Science), University of Costa Rica

    Luana Silva Caramalac | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    picture of Luana Silva Caramalac

    Luana Silva Caramalac is an undergraduate student from Universidade Estadual do Mato Grosso do Sul located in Aquidauana, Brazil under the advisement of Dr. Henrique Fernandes in the Animal Science Department. Luana was a Short-term Scholar at the Center under the direction of Dr. John Arthington from March 1 - August 30, 2013. Luana will graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in Beef Cattle Nutrition in early 2014.

    Reinaldo Fernandes Cooke | Assistant Professor

    picture of Reinaldo Fernandes Cooke

    Reinaldo Fernandes Cooke was recently hired by Oregon State University to work at the EOARC-Burns as a Beef Cattle Specialist.

    Reinaldo grew up in a medium-sized town surrounded by large citrus, sugarcane, and cow-calf operations in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. He received a B.S. degree in Animal Sciences from the São Paulo State University in December 2003, and moved to Florida in the fall of 2004 to attend graduate school. Reinaldo received both M.Sc. (May 2006) and Ph. D. (December 2008) degrees in Animal Sciences from the University of Florida. His graduate research focused on beef cattle nutrition and management, and was conducted under the direction of Dr. John Arthington, associate professor and director of the UF/IFAS-Range Cattle Research and Education Center, Ona.

    Reinaldo plans to build an integrated research and extension program targeted to address the needs of beef cattle producers in the state of Oregon. More specifically, Reinaldo plans to directly investigate questions and issues raised by Oregon beef producers, delivering answers and results via extension activities and materials, and also focus his research program on alternatives to enhance productivity of growing and mature cattle within cow-calf scenarios.

    Reinaldo is married to Flavia Cooke, who is also working at the EOARC-Burns as a Faculty Research Assistant with Dr. David Bohnert. They're expecting their first son, which is due in May. If you would like to meet or contact Reinaldo, please feel free to stop by, call, or send him an email.

    Jean Elias | Exchange Visitor (Intern)

    Alexandra Harvey | Intern

    Joeva Hepburn | M.S. Student

    picture of Joeva Hepburn

    Joeva Hepburn was born in Kingston, Jamaica on February 27, 1983. Joeva completed her B.S. at the University of Florida in Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) in 2005 with a specialization in Dietetics and a minor in French. During her undergraduate experience, Joeva had the wonderful opportunity to study in Avignon, France for a semester where she completed her minor requirements in that field. Currently, Joeva is pursuing her Master's at the University of Florida in Food Science and Human Nutrition through a combined program in which she will also fulfill the Dietetic Internship requirements (MSDI). Joeva has always had a profound interest in nutrition especially from the research perspective. In January 2006 through December 2006, Joeva worked with Dr. Gail Kauwell in the FSHN department studying folate metabolism using the microbiological assay. Currently Joeva is working with Dr. John Arthington and Dr. Mitchell Knutson with copper metabolism using the bovine model system.

  • Dr. Raoul Boughton

    Former Students of Dr. Raoul Boughton

    Wesley Anderson | Ph.D. Student

    picture of Wes Anderson

    From Pennsylvania, Wesley M. Anderson was born in Bucks County and raised in Lancaster County where he graduated from Cocalico Senior High School in 2005. He then began pursuing a B.S. in Biology at Davidson College, a small liberal arts school near Charlotte, North Carolina. At Davidson he worked under the advisement of Dr. Michael Dorcas. Fascinated with reptiles and amphibians since an early age, it was at Davidson where he received formal training in field and laboratory techniques related to ecology and conservation biology, particularly of herpetofauna. He also spent a semester living in Botswana through the School for International Training and taking ecology-related coursework.

    Wes began pursuing a PhD at the University of Florida in 2014. He is a student in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and is advised by Dr. Raoul Boughton. He remains broadly interested in ecology and conservation, particularly of herpetofauna, and has developed a strong interest in conservation in agro-ecosystems. For his dissertation research, Wes plans to study the effects of habitat disturbance caused by feral swine on Florida rangeland seasonal wetlands and amphibian communities.

    Samantha Baraoidan | M.S. Student

    picture of Sam_Baraoidan

    Advisor: Raoul Boughton
    Thesis Topic: Coyote interactions with cattle and feral swine in Florida rangelands
    Hometown: Hollywood, Florida
    Previously Attended: University of Florida

    Charles 'Tyler' Buckley | M.S. Student

    Charles “Tyler” Buckley grew up on the coast of Georgia in Savannah, which holds a strong place in his heart and he hopes to return there someday. Growing up fishing and hunting he quickly became interested in natural resources.

    Tyler’s master’s research focuses on the compensatory responses of wild pigs under pulsed removal events. To simplify, he is interested in the mechanisms that wild pigs possess to offset control efforts such as trapping and shooting, particularly by examining an increase in litter size and survival. Wild pigs on site have been trapped, tagged, and released, and using the large game camera array he can estimate the pig abundance and population responses to removal events. This research will help create informed management regimes to more efficiently understand how to reduce wild pig population growth.

    Julie Burford | M.S. Student

    picture of Julie Burford

    Advisor: Raoul Boughton
    Thesis Topic: Florida burrowing owl response to disturbance on rangelands in Florida
    Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
    Previously Attended: University of Florida

    Connor Crank | M.S. Student

    picture of Connor Crank

    Advisor: Raoul Boughton
    Thesis Topic: Potential
    competition between white tailed deer and feral swine for food resources and space in south-central Florida
    Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan
    Previously Attended: Michigan State University

    Elizabeth White | Ph.D. Student

    Advisor: Dr. Raoul Boughton
    Thesis Topic: Comparative biology of urban and rangeland Florida Burrowing Owls
    Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Previously Attended: Skidmore College

    Ke Zhang | M.S. Student

    picture of Ke Zhang

    Ke Zhang was born in northeast of China, grown up in Beijing. He made the decision in the last year of high school to study wildlife ecology in the college. He was enrolled with “wildlife conservation and reserve management” major by Beijing Forestry University.
    During the four years of undergraduate life, he participated in field research including bird surveys, mammal tracking, and reptile trapping. The experience contributed to his interest to continue his study of wildlife and encouraged him to apply for the masters program in ecology in the US.

    In 2014 he was enrolled in the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation master program at the University of Florida. Currently, he is advised by Dr. Raoul Boughton to continue his exploration of the world of ecology. His master's research interests are coyote’s behavior and ecology on rangeland in central Florida. He is participating in Dr. Boughton’s coyote research at Lightsey and Buck Island Ranch.

  • Dr. Hance Ellington

    Former Students of Dr. Hance Ellington

    Hannah Fox | Intern

    Hannah is from Indianapolis, IN. She has always loved animals and nature. She received her Bachelor’s in Ecology and Conservation in 2020 at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. This was an interdisciplinary program, which got her interested in human dimensions, as she studied policy, economics, and humanities alongside science. In her junior year she conducted an independent study on the impact of western conservation practices on Indigenous peoples, particularly in Africa and Asia, and solutions to conflict through community-based conservation. In her senior year, she took a course on Island Ecology and Evolution and for her capstone project wrote a feasibility report on potential conservation actions for the Perdido Key Beach Mouse, helped create a student-originated course on the biology of sharks and rays, and conducted another independent study, this time working on quantitative techniques in conservation and planning and prioritization.

    Hannah is starting her Master’s in Earth and Environmental Resources Management at the University of South Carolina in Columbia in Fall 2021. She will be working with Dr. John Kupfer in the Geography department and focusing on conservation planning, landscape ecology, and GIS. It is an internship-based program, and she hopes to be able to intern with SCDNR or the Congaree Land Trust. This summer, she is working with Dr. Hance Ellington at the RCREC to design and implement a survey of landowners on wild pig management, in order to identify barriers to the use of best management practices. She’ll also assist with the bluebird nest box project.

    In addition to studying wildlife and spending time outdoors, Hannah loves listening to music. She is an avid concert-goer and can’t wait for shows to start again, and collects CDs and vinyl. As an undergrad, she volunteered as a DJ at her college radio station, hosting a show highlighting women artists, and hopes to get back into DJ-ing at U of SC if she has the time.

  • Dr. Phillip Lancaster

    Former Students of Dr. Phillip Lancaster

    Stephanie Ferreira Vicente | Exchange Visitor (Intern)

    Henrique Christiano de Sousa Monaco | Exchange Visitor (Intern)

    Barbara Roqueto dos Reis | Exchange Visitor (Intern)

    Rodrigo Cesar Silverio | Exchange Visitor (Intern)

  • Dr. Philipe Moriel

    Former Students of Dr. Philipe Moriel

    Gilherme Messias de Araugo | Exchange Visitor (Student Intern)

    Matheus Fellipe de Lana Ferreira | Exchange Visitor (Short-term Scholar)

    Matheus Fellipe de Lana Ferreira, originally from Viçosa, MG, Brazil, received his B.S. (2016) and master degree (2018) in Animal Science from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) focus on Beef Cattle Nutrition and Physiology. His masters project was related to the effects of supplementation on beef cows physiology and performance. He is now pursuing his PhD at the same university (UFV).

    Matheus began his program at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC as an exchange visitor, short-term scholar working with Dr. Philipe Moriel on January 7, 2020. His term will conclude on July 7, 2020. During this time he is also preparing for his defense.

    Rhaiza Alves de Oliveira | Exchange Visitor (Short-term Scholar)

    Matheus Betelli Piccolo | M.S. Student

    picture of Matheus Betelli Piccolo

    Advisor: Dr. Philipe Moriel
    Thesis Topic: Puberty achievement of beef heifers
    Hometown: Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Previously Attended: São Paulo State University

    Gleise Medeiros da Silva | M.S. Student

    picture of Gleise Medeiros da Silva

    Gleise Medeiros da Silva was born in Recife, PE, Brazil. Gleise received her Animal Science bachelor degree at Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), Recife, PE, Brazil in 2015. In her first year as an undergraduate student, Gleise received a scholarship afforded by CNPq to conduct research in non-ruminant and ruminant nutrition, which was renewed for four years. In 2012, she was awarded by CAPES/FIPSE to attend as an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University for six months where she also developed studies in beef cattle nutrition. In 2014, she came to University of Florida –NFREC, Marianna, to conduct her final undergraduate internship where she had the opportunity to come back in 2015 as an exchange visitor.

    In August of 2015, Gleise started her master’s program at University of Florida where she conducts research under Dr. Philipe Moriel’s supervision. Her research evaluates the effects of reducing the frequency of supplementation on growth and immune response of preconditioning beef calves.

  • Dr. Brent Sellers

    Former Students of Dr. Brent Sellers

    Daniel Guimaraes Abe, M.S. Student

    picture of Daniel Guimaraes Abe

    During his project he received an assistantship from the FIBRIA, a pulp and paper company, from June to November in 2009 to develop research on plant resistance against insects. 

    Courtney Darling, M.S. Student

    photo of Courtney Darling

    The main objectives of her research are i) evaluate the effect of glyphosate rates and application timings on quality and yield of bermudagrass, ii) assess bahiagrass cultivar response to glyphosate, and iii) to compare vasseygrass and guineagrass response to glyphosate, impazapic, and nicosulfuron + metsulfuron-methyl under greenhouse and field conditions.

    Sushila Chaudhari, M.S. Student

    picture of Sushila Chaudhari

    In Spring 2009, she has began her master's program at the University of Florida, in the Agronomy Department as well as the Range Cattle Research and Education Center. She is working under the supervision of Dr. Brent Sellers.

    Cody Lastinger, M.S. Student

    picture of Cody A. Lastinger

    His research project is on Limpograss tolerance to herbicide applications to determine if different times of the year, regrowth heights, or fertility timing effects the tolerance of limpograss.

    Logan Martin, M.S. Student

    picture of Logan J. Martin

    He will be studying weed management in pastures and rangeland. His graduate research focus is on the pre and post emergence herbicide tolerance of Arachis pintoi.

    Neha Rana, Ph.D. Student

    picture of Neha Rana

    In the end of 2007, she began her Ph. D. in the fall 2008 at the University of Florida, Agronomy Department as well as the Range Cattle Research and Education Center under the mentorship of Dr. Brent Sellers.

    Bruna Rezende Ribeiro Soares, Intern

    picture of Bruna Rezende Ribeiro Soares

     During her undergraduate program she participated for three years at the Education Tutorial Program called PET Agronomia, the group operate in several activities of research, teaching and extension.

    Luana Zagato, Exchange Visitor (Short-term Scholar)

    In 2019 she completed a 6-month program as an exchange visitor, short-term scholar working with Dr. Jose Dubeux at the UF/IFAS North Florida REC in Marianna. During that time all activities were related to forage management.

    picture of Olivia Zugay

    Olivia Zugay, M.S. Student

    Advisor: Brent Sellers
    Thesis Topic: Optimizing Glyphosate Rates for Control of Weedy Grasses in Hybrid Bermudagras
    Hometown: Fellsmere, FL

    Jose Luiz Souza Dias PhD, Ph.D.

    Colton Elder, Intern

  • Dr. Maria Silveira

    Former Students of Dr. Maria Silveira

    Julius Babatunde Adewopo | Ph.D. Student

    picture of Julius Babatunde Adewopo

    Julius has acquired cross-disciplinary skills, trainings, and certifications, including geospatial applications (GIS, geostatistics, and remote sensing), process-based modeling, and sustainable resource management, and he hopes to integrate and apply these skills to address issues related to natural resource sustainability. 

    Lauren Ahrens | Intern

    Lauren is from Avon Park, FL. She is a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers and she’ll be graduating in December with her B.S. in Business Management with a minor in Agribusiness. This summer, she is interning in the Soil and Water Science Program with Dr. Maria Silveira. 

    Mariana Azenha | Visiting Scholar

    picture of Mariana Azenha

    In November, 2011 Mariana started e-mail communications with Dr. Maria Lucia Silveira to spend 6 months at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center (RCREC), as part of his doctorate’s degree program. 

    Amanda Baldo | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    picture of Amanda Baldo

    Thesis Topic:
    Hometown: Candido Mota - São Paulo, Brazil
    Previously Attended: 2016 - B.S. (Agronomy), University of Maringa, Brazil

    Henrique Bauab Brunetti | Intern

    picture of Henrique Bauab Brunetti

    During his internship he will participate in a project related to responses of Limpograss and Jiggs to potassium and phosphorus fertilization. In December Henrique will return to Brazil to finish his undergraduate degree.

    Guilherme Antonio Buonadio | Intern

    picture of Guilherme Antonio Buonadio

    In August 2012, Guilherme arrived at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center (RCREC), Ona, Florida to participate in research related to impacts of land use and its effects on soil carbon and CO2 emissions, supervised by Dr. Maria Lucia Silveira. In December, Guilherme will return to Brazil to complete his undergraduate.

    picture of Felipe Furlan

    Felipe Furlan | Intern

    In August 2011, Felipe arrived at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center (RCREC), Ona, Florida to participate in research related to soil carbon, supervised by Professor Dr. Maria Lucia Silveira. In December, Felipe will return to Brazil to complete his undergraduate

    Elisângela Dupas | Visiting Scholar

    picture of Elisangela Dupas

    Elisângela graduated in February 2007 with an Agronomy Engineer degree from the “Universidade Estadua Paulista – Júlio de Mesquita Filho”,Ilha Solteira, Brazil where she also completed her Masters. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. Both Elisângela’s graduate and undergraduate studies dealt with Forage Nutrition. 

  • Dr. Maria Silveira (continued)

    Former Students of Dr. Maria Silveira

    Yanyan Lu | Ph.D. Student

    picture of Yanyan Lu

    I will focus on evaluating the agronomic and environmental impact of biosolids application to pastures in Florida. Hopefully, the results from my research will generate important science-based information suitable for demonstrating and promoting the benefits of land application of biosolids to producers in Florida.

    Susana Queiroz Santos Mello | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    picture of Susana Queiroz Santos Mello

    In February 2017 she was released by UFT to begin a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Florida - UF / IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona - FL, under the guidance of Dr. Maria Lúcia Silveira. Susana will complete her postdoctoral program in February 2018.

    Augustine Obour | Ph.D. Student

    Obour joined the Agronomy Department in spring 2005 to pursue a Master of Science degree with Dr. M. B. Adjei (of Blessed memory) at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona as his mentor. His research was focused on the development of efficient manure application strategies to reduce environmental impacts associated with manure usage in forage production systems. Augustine graduated with an Msc degree in Agronomy in May 2007 under the mentorship of Dr. Joao Vendramini.  He continued his graduate education at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center and obtained a Ph.D in Soil and Water Science in August 2010 under the mentorship of Dr. Maria Sileveira.  Augustine’s dissertation evaluated agronomic and environmental impacts of P Fertilization of bahiagrass pastures in South Florida.

    Dr. Obour is currently an Associate Professor of Soil Science at the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center-Hays. His applied research program is focused on developing a systematic understanding of soil management and agronomic production practices within dryland cropping systems and the impact of such practices on soil health, water use, crop productivity, and economic returns.”

    Ana Carolina Amorim Orrico | Exchange Visitor (Short-term Scholar)

    She was the Coordinator of the Animal Science Course at UFGD from 2008 to 2012, and has been a member of the board for the Master’s Degree in Animal Science at UFGD since 2012. She's also been working as a Permanent Professor of this Program since 2009, with the conclusion of 13 defenses and is currently undergoing 2 orientations. She has 2 co-orientations of Doctorate Degree and 2 supervisions of Post-Doc that have concluded and another that is presently being performed.

    photo of Daniel Rodrigues Moura

    Daniel Rodrigues Moura | M.S. Student

    In August 2007, Daniel finished his bachelor's degree and in the same month, he started his master's program at the University of Florida, in the Soil and Water Science Department. He has been working with phosphorus issues related to land application of wastewater with Dr. Maria Silveira and Dr. George O'Connor as advisors.

    Dipti Rai | Ph.D. Student

    Photo of Dipti Rai

    She graduated from Tribhuvan University in 2012 and completed her Master’s degree from Lincoln University in Missouri in 2016 under the guidance of Dr. Nsalambi V. Nkongolo, working on greenhouse gas emissions in corn soybean field as affected by management practices and methods of measurement.

    photo of Diane Racine

    Diane Racine | M.S. Student

    Diane currently manages the remediation programs (petroleum and HSWA) and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for Naval Station Mayport. Job opportunities have taken her to Key West FL, Phoenix AZ and Jacksonville FL. Education includes a BS in Occupational Health and Safety from National University and MS in Operational Management from University of Arkansas.

  • Dr. Maria Silveira (continued)

    Former Students of Dr. Maria Silveira

    João Marcelo Dalmazo Sanchez | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    photo of João Marcelo Dalmazo Sanchez

    In December of 2019, Joao had the opportunity to return to the University of Florida, working as a Research Scholar on the LTAR (Long-Term Agroecosystem Research) project. The project is part of a nation-wide network sponsored by the USDA, and has the objective of increasing sustainable production in different agricultural scenarios of the USA. In Florida, the research team includes faculty from the Range Cattle REC and Archbold Biological Center, and the main focus of the projects is relate to the impact of different fire management strategies on soil, plants, animals and atmosphere. Joao hopes to gain experience and knowledge from this new project, and also to provide beef producers and consumers with solid information that is useful in their decision making process.

    Claudinei Alves dos Santos | Exchange Visitor (Short-term Scholar)

    photo of Claudinei Alves dos Santos

    In April of 2017, he began a 6-month program at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC as an exchange visitor under the advisement of Dr. Maria Lucia Silveira in the Soil and Water Science Department.

    Bianca Midori Souza Sekiya | Exchange Visitor (Intern)

    photo of Bianca Midori Souza Sekiya

    During her undergraduate studies, Bianca completed activities at her university as a member of Grassland & Beef Cattle Research, Education, and Extension Group, called "NUPEE", working with crop-livestock-forest systems. She also attended Scientific Iniciation Programs studying leaves anatomy and nutritive value of Brachiaria brizantha on silvopastoral systems. After graduation she intends to continue studying and apply for a master's degree.

    Hiran Marcelo da Silva | Visiting Scholar

    photo of Hiran Marcelo da Silva

    He started his Doctorate’s degree at UFRPE on March of the 2009 under the guidance of Ph.D. Dubeux. During his program he will work with Nutrient Cycling in pastures ecosystems on different Nitrogen Fertilizer and Stocking Rate and the respective correlations between them. Hiran started his Visiting Scholar’s Program at UF/IFAS in May 2012. He is located at Range Cattle Research and Education Center where he will be for four months. Here he will develop studies on organic matter and the relationship with carbon, nitrogen and decomposition rate.

    Xiaolin Sui | M.S. Student

    photo of Xiaolin Sui

    All through his college years, he participated in many campus activities and gained a lot of honors. He did well on his academic pursuits and was admitted into the University of Florida for his M.S. degree.

    Sutie Xu | Ph.D. Student

    Dr. Sutie Xu received her PhD education in the Soil and Water Science Department, at the University of Florida during 2011-2014. During that period of time, her work focused on investigating the effects of long term land use management on ecosystem carbon, soil carbon dynamics, and soil microbial community in subtropical grasslands. After graduation, she started her postdoctoral job at Michigan State University. Her research was mainly associated with responses of ecosystem services under different grazing land managements.

    2022 Update
    Dr. Xu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agronomy, Horticulture, and Plant Science at South Dakota State University. She has conducted studies on soil health, carbon dynamics, nutrient cycling, and microbial activities in a variety of ecosystems types under different climate conditions. Her current research focuses on soil health under sustainable natural and agroecosystem management and precision farming. The research relies on interdisciplinary studies to understand the influence of anthropogenic, environmental, and biotic factors on physical, chemical, and biological processes in soils. The goal is to increase producer awareness of the importance of soil health management in agroecosystems and motivate the adoption of sustainable management strategies such as cover cropping, diversified crop rotation, livestock integration, and precision nutrient management.  

    Shanna Stingu | M.S. Student

  • Dr. Joao Vendramini

    Former Students of Dr. Joao Vendramini

    Nayara Alencar | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    photo of Nayara Martins Alencar

    Nayara Alencar completed her bachelor of Animal Science degree at the Federal University of Tocantins, Araguaina, Brazil, in 2012. She finished her master’s degree in February 2014, at the same university, with Dr. Antonio Clementino dos Santos. Her thesis was with grasses of the genus Urochloa established intercropped with annual crops in the northern Tocantins. In March 2014, she began her Ph.D. studies with Dr. Joao Vendramini in tropical animal science at the Federal University of Tocantins.

    André Aguiar | Ph.D. Student

    photo of André Aguiar

    In the Spring of 2010 he started his Ph.D. under the guidance of Dr. Vendramini. During his program he will work with forage production, ruminant production under grazing systems, and interactions between them, as well. André Aguiar is member of American Society of Animal Science and National Scholar Society.

    Eveline Alves | Intern

    photo of Eveline Alves

    In 2004, Eveline began her Animal Scientist undergraduate program at the Estate University of São Paulo (Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP) in Jaboticabal city. As an undergraduate, Eveline was an intern on Unit of Digestive and Metabolic Studies from September/2004 to December/2005; and in the Forrage sector from June/2006 to February/2009 both in UNESP Jaboticabal. In April/2009 she was an intern in the Development Program for the Dairy Livestock in the Region of Viçosa (PDPL-RV) in Minas Gerais state, Brazil.

    Jane Griffin Cant | M.S. Student

    photo of Jane Griffin

    Thesis Topic: Non-thesis
    Hometown: Ocala, Florida
    Previously Attended: University of Florida

    Caio Carnelos | Exchange Visitor (Short-term Scholar)

    photo of Caio Carnelos

    Hometown: Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil
    Previously Attended: São Paulo State University

    Pedro Afonso Mamede Campos | Exchange Visitor (Intern)

    Photo of Pedro Afonso Mamede Campos

    During his course in Agronomy Engineering at the Paulista State University (UNESP), Jaboticabal campus. He worked with Dr. Ricardo Andrade Reis for three years, and did his scientific initiation, where he did an economic analysis of different rearing systems on feedlot termination. He did internships during two summer vacations at Fazenda Inhumas do Arantes a municipality of Campina Verde-MG, Brazil working with forage and animal nutrition.

    Janerson Coelho | Exchange Student

    photo of Janerson Coelho

    In January of 2011, Janerson began his exchange program at University of Florida (UF) sponsored by (CAPES/FIPSE) in the program of “Ruminants Production in the XXI century: Globalization of teaching, research and extension to support sustains systems of management and animal nutrition”. During spring classes at UF he performed various laboratories activities in the Forage Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Lyn Sollenberger and Dr. João Vendramini.

    photo of Leticia Custódio

    Leticia Custódio | Intern

    In 2006, Letícia began her Animal Science undergraduate program at the University Center of Educational Foundation of Barretos (Centro Universitario da Fundação Educacional de Barretos). As an undergraduate, Letícia was an intern on the São Paulo’s Agency for Agribusiness Technology (Agencia Paulista de Tecnologia dos Agronegocios de São Paulo) in Colina city from August/2007 to June/2010 working with beef cattle production and forages. The projects included rotational grazing testing different tropical forages, supplemental strategies under grazing system, and feedlot management.

  • Dr. Joao Vendramini (continued)

    Former Students of Dr. Joao Vendramini

    Thiago Camargo Dias | Exchange Student

    photo of Thiago Camargo Dias

    Thiago worked in his first 3 years of undergraduate as an intern in four different areas in his university: 1) in a laboratory of zoology and behavior of fish and class monitor in practical classes, 2) in a daily cattle lab and free stall, 3) in the aquaculture lab helping in some experiments, 4) worked with mineral supplementation of precision for grazing cattle, working with Minerthal (one Brazilian mineral supplementation company) from who, he received a scholarship to develop experiments at the university.

    Pedro Dias Sales Ferreira | Visiting Scholar

    photo of Pedro Dias Sales Ferreira

    In 2010 Pedro finished his undergraduate degree and in the next year (2011) he started his M.Sc. in Animal Science at the same University, when he worked with agronomic and nutritional evaluation of normal and bmr mutant sorghum x sudangrass hybrids at different harvest ages. In July, 2011 he finished his M.Sc. degree and started his Ph.D in Animal Science under the advisement of Dr. Lúcio Carlos Gonçalves, continuing with the same project of his M.Sc. degree. During his undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D, Pedro have published several peer reviewed papers, book chapters and abstracts on ruminant nutrition and forage crops.

    Leandro Galzerano | Visiting Scholar

    photo of Leandro Galzerano

    In July of 2009 he started his doctorate's degree in Animal Science at Sao Paulo State University - Unesp under advising of Dr. Euclides Malheiros and Dr. Ana Cláudia Ruggieri, working in projects on pasture management and animal production on pastures with studies focused on the interception of light, LAI, canopy height and herbage accumulation.

    Vinicius Carreteiro Gomes | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    Uduak Ime Inyang | M.S. Student

    photo of Uduak Ime Inyang

    In January 2007, Uduak started her Master~s degree program at the University of Florida, Gainesville. She worked with her first advisor Dr. Ike Victor Ezenwa of the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, Immokalee. In May, 2007 Uduak moved to Ona, Florida to conduct her research on Brachiaria hybrid (Mulato)advised by Dr. Joao Vendramini at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center.

    Makoto Kaneko | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    photo of Makoto Kaneko

    In April 2010, he moved to NARO Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center (KARC), Kumamoto, Japan and worked as tenure track researcher. KARC located in western Japan in a warm temperature zone. There he joined the grazing fattening project as a pastoral responsible researcher. Year-around grazing fattening was carried out using Wagyu cattle and Italian ryegrass and Brachiariagrass pasture. He determined the herbage intake from pasture and the nutrition component of grasses. Based on these results, he developed a pasture management system using spring seeding of Italian ryegrass. In April 2013, he acquired a permanent position at same location and continued the grazing fattening project until March 2016. In April 2016, Makoto left his grazing research and joined a new project involving grass production by machine harvesting. He introduced and tried new varieties of Brachiariagrass and Guinea grass.

    Wilton Ladeira da Silva | Visiting Scholar

    photo of Wilton Ladeira da Silva

    In 2010 Wilton started his doctorate’s program at the same University (UNESP). In November, 2011 Wilton started e-mail communications with Dr. João Vendrmini to spend 6 months at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center (RCREC), as part of his doctorate’s degree program, and May, 2012 he arrived at RCREC.

    Hugo Mariano Rodrigues de Oliveira | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

    In February 2020, Hugo arrived in Ona to complete an 11-month program as a research scholar, exchange visitor under the supervision of Dr. Joao Vendramini to assist with research evaluating the performance of beef calves consuming cool-season annual grass under two supplementation frequencies.

    photo of Gislene Roberta Manarim

    Gislene Roberta Manarim | Intern

    In 2006, Gislene began her Agronomy undergraduate program at the University of São Paulo (Universidade de São Paulo – USP) in Piracicaba city. As an undergraduate, Gislene was an intern in the Genetics Department from August/2006 to August/2007; also an intern for ESALQ Junior Consultants from August/2007 to July/2008; and in the Forage sector from August/2008 to June/2010, all of them in ESALQ.

  • Dr. Joao Vendramini (continued)

    Former Students of Dr. Joao Vendramini

    Milena Zigart Marzocchi | Intern

    photo of Milena Zigart Marzocchi

    In July 2012, Milena arrived at the Range Cattle REC - Ona, FL, as intern, to conduct her degree requirement internship, spending 5 mounths, working with developing studies related to Forage and Grazing management, under advisement of Dr. João Vendramini.

    José Matos de Brito Neto | Student Intern

    photo of José Matos de Brito Neto

    Phase 1 of José internship, conducted at the RCREC in Ona, Florida involves assisting with several research projects focused on beef cattle nutrition and pasture managment. Phase 2 of his internship will be completed at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (Burns Station). There he will participate in research studies focusing on beef cattle production.

    He will return to Brazil in November 2012 for graduation, after which he plans to study a specialization in the area of pasture and nutrition of ruminants and start working in one of the regions of cattle raising in Brazil.

    Ruth Marisol Orellana Rivas | Student Intern

    photo of Ruth Marisol Orellana Rivas

    In June 2011 I got an opportunity to work for Dr. Joao Vendramini at the UF Range Cattle Research and Education Center, Ona, Florida to complete a three month internship. During my stay here I am involved in various experiments dealing with forage evaluation and beef cattle production under different grazing systems.

    Murilo Salin | Student Intern

    photo of Murilo Marchesi Salin

    Murilo started e-mail communications with Dr. João Vendramini, to spend a half year at Range Cattle Research and Education Center. He received his animal science BS degree in August of 2009, and in September of the same year, he began the Program Short Term Scholar at Range Cattle Research and Education Center. 

    Pedro Augusto Ribeiro Salvo | Student Intern

    photo of Pedro Augusto Ribeiro Salvo

    In July 2011, Pedro arrived at the Range Cattle REC - Ona, FL, as intern, to conduct his degree requirement internship, under advising of Dr. Joao Vendramini.

    Tiberio Saraiva | M.S. Student

    photo of Tiberio de Albuquerque Saraiva

    When he returned to Brazil in December, he presented a report about his work in the USA as a requirement to get his degree. In January 2006, he was admitted in the Master's Program of the Animal Science Department at UFRPE as a special student since he was studying abroad during the regular admissions period. In January 2007, Tiberio moved back to the USA and started his Master's Program at the University of Florida, in the Agronomy Department, advised by Dr. Joao Vendramini. Currently he is working with protein supplementation strategies for early weaned calves on cool and warm-season grasses pastures.

    Andre Luis da Silva Valente | Visiting Scholar

    photo of Andre Luis da Silva Valente

    In March of 2009 he started his M.Sc. program in Animal Science at the Sao Paulo State University, under the guidance of Dr. Ricardo Andrade Reis, working with forage management and animal production on pastures. He received his M.Sc. degree in February of 2011. In March of 2011 he started his doctorate´s degree in Animal Science at the same University. During his program he will work with forage production, ruminant production under grazing systems. Looking optimize the system and the mitigation of greenhouse gases.

    photo of JK Yarborough

    JK Yarborough, M.S. Student

    Thesis Topic: Critical levels of potassium tissue concentration in bahiagrass and bermudagrass
    Hometown: Geneva, Florida
    Previously Attended: University of Florida; Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

    Luciano Fernandes Sousa | Exchange Visitor (Research Scholar)

  • Martin B. Adjei Intern

    Former Martin B. Adjei Intern

    Letícia Custódio

    photo of Leticia Custódio

    Letícia Custódio was born in Barretos, São Paulo state, Brazil, on March 23, 1988. She is the oldest daughter of Jaime José Custódio e Sueli Aparecida Ferreira Custódio. Her sister is an Engineer undergraduate student. Letícia spent her childhood and youth in Barretos where all her family lives.

    In 2006, Letícia began her Animal Science undergraduate program at the University Center of Educational Foundation of Barretos (Centro Universitario da Fundação Educacional de Barretos). As an undergraduate, Letícia was an intern on the São Paulo’s Agency for Agribusiness Technology (Agencia Paulista de Tecnologia dos Agronegocios de São Paulo) in Colina city from August/2007 to June/2010 working with beef cattle production and forages. The projects included rotational grazing testing different tropical forages, supplemental strategies under grazing system, and feedlot management.

    She arrived at Range Cattle REC, Ona, Florida in August 2010 as an intern. Letícia will receive her Animal Science degree in January of 2011.

  • Veterans Florida Agriculture Program

    Former Veterans Florida Agriculture Program Interns

    Patrick Maion | Intern

    Jack Morrison | Intern