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Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Chris Prevatt

State Specialized Extension Agent III  - Beef Cattle and Forage Economics

EDIS Documents

Refereed Journals

  • Silva, L. S., Mullenix, M. K., Prevatt, C., & Tucker, J. J. (2021). Perceptions of adoption of alfalfa plantings by forage-livestock producers in the southern United States. Applied Animal Science, 37(6), 665-669. DOI: 10.15232/aas.2021-02194

  • Panhans, M. H., Mason, K. M., Mullenix, M. K., Prevatt, C. G., Moisa, S. J. & Muntifering. R. B. (2020). Cow-calf performance, forage utilization, and economics of warm-season annual baleage in beef cattle winter feeding systems. Translational Animal Science, 4(1), 376-384. DOI: 10.1093/tas/txz171

  • Baxter, L. L., Anderson, W. F., Hudson, W. G., Hancock, D. W., Prevatt, C. G., and Moore, Z. (2019). Quantifying the Damage Potential of the Bermudagrass Stem Maggot. Crop Science, 59, 2280-2286.

  • Tucker, J.J., Hendricks, T.J., Mason, K.B., Mullenix, M.K., Prevatt, C., & Hancock, D.W. (2019). Alfalfa in the South Workshop Series: Increasing Acreage through Education. Journal of National Association of County Agricultural Agents. 12(2), ISSN 2158-9429.
  • Mckee R. W., Tucker, J. J., Mullenix, M. K., Prevatt, C., and Santen, E. V. (2017) Grazing Evaluation of Annual and Perennial Cool-Season Forage Systems for Stocker Production in the Lower Transition Zone. Crop, Forage, and Turfgrass Management, 3, doi:10.2134/cftm2016.06.0048

  • Prevatt, C., J. Novak, W. Prevatt, M.R. Worosz, K. Balkcom, W. Birdsong, B. Gamble, and J.A. Howe. 2014. A Return-risk analysis of southern row crop enterprises and the sod-based rotation. Journal of Agribusiness. 31:181-191.