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Through the magic of video, visit the UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona, FL. See the facilities and land and meet the faculty, staff, and students and see what they do. 

Click here to watch now. Run time 47.49 minutes. Produced in 2020. 

About Range Cattle REC


old black and white photo of an early Field Day at RCREC OnaThe Range Cattle Research and Education Center (RCREC) is a unit of the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). It is a multi-discipline research and extension center located in Hardee County. Founded in 1941 through the efforts of legislators, cattlemen and citizens, the research center has 2840 acres of native and developed pastures, and approximately 1200 head of cattle. It has seven research and extension faculty and 22 support staff. Two thirds of Florida's cattle are located in the southern half of the state. The research program at the Range Cattle REC is designed to serve the cattle industry in this portion of the state, although it involves a cooperative effort on important statewide problems. Cattlemen in south Florida are facing constantly changing economic and production challenges. This unique subtropical environment provides direct and indirect impacts on the beef and dairy industry. Direct impacts include climatic, water table, and soil influences on forage and animal production; and associated disease and insect problems. Indirect impacts include potential use of by-products from other agricultural industries as animal feeds and environmental quality.

Early History of The Range Cattle Experiment Station

Mission Statement

Provide sciene-based information to address the challenges affecting owners and managers of grazinglands.

old photo of cattle grazing at RCREC OnaThe purpose of the Range Cattle Research and Education Center is to conduct research and provide information that will solve problems related to improving profitability of beef, forage and field crops, and dairy production in central and south Florida. Emphasis will be placed on developing new information that can be used immediately by these industry groups. A limited number of basic studies will be conducted to identify the best means of solving problems and to expedite the development of applicable information. The Range Cattle REC faculty will work closely with industry representatives and IFAS research and extension personnel to accomplish this mission. Research plans are developed with careful consideration of industry problems identified by cattlemen advisory groups, the Florida Cattlemen's Association Research Committee, and extension personnel throughout Florida.

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