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Field Days / Trainings / Workshops

Use of Drones in Rangeland Monitoring - July 10, 2018

Smutgrass Field Day - May 24, 2018

2018 Field Day - April 5, 2018

Florida Cattle Enhancement Program In-Service Training – Sept. 26, 2017

Perennial Peanut Field day - June 30, 2017

UF CALS Prospective Student Workshop - June 29, 2017

  • Jason Steward, an Academic Advisor, UF CALS introduction and distance education possibilities
  • Charlotte Emerson, the Director of Student Development & Recruitment, speaks about applying to college
  • Amie Imler, an Undergraduate Program Advisor, speaks about considering a college major
  • Cathy Carr, the Director of Alumni and Career Services, uses an interactive game to explore scholarships
  • UF CALS’s Graduates share their college experience (Julie Warren, Paige Petteway, Andy Heine, Brittany Dunlap, and Taylor Davis)
  • Shelby Oseterreicher, a current graduate student, shares about her UF experience on campus
  • Jennifer Peters, a current undergraduate student, shares about her distance education experience at the UF Plant City Campus.

75th Anniversary Celebration & Field Day - October 27, 2016

Ona White Angus Field Day - October 22, 2015

2015 Field Day - April 9, 2015

Pasture Weed Day - October 21, 2014

Limpograss Release Event - August 7, 2014

2013 Forage and Cattle Field Day - Oct. 1, 2013

2012 Pasture Weed Field Day

2012 Field Day

Curt Pate

2010 Field Day

Guest Presenters & Others

  • Steve Ensley, DVM, PhD, Clinical Toxicologist, Iowa State University
    presenting "Common veterinary toxicology issues in cattle including endophytes and blue-green algae" at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona, FL on February 24, 2017.
  • Florida House Representative Ben Albritton speaks to 'Links to Success' youth about leadership, at the UF IFAS Range Cattle REC on July 9, 2014. view
  • Three STEM Students from Hardee Senior High School participated in the FloridaLearns STEM Scholars HEC Summer STEM Field Site Experience this summer at the UF IFAS Range Cattle REC in Ona, FL. These students spent time learning about the research being done and were able to get some hands-on experience. View
  • Each year in July, the UF IFAS Range Cattle REC weans it's calves. This video, from July 2013, shows some of the sights and sounds of a typical weaning day. View


Joao Vendramini


Beef Cattle Body Condition Scoring (BCS) Tutorial - April 2018

Helpful Resources for BCS

2016 Forage In-Service Training - August 23, 2016

Cattlemen's Institute and Allied Trade Show - January 19, 2017

University of Florida

"Day in the Life of IFAS" - March 19, 2013

UF Land Grant History


Program Highlights & Presentations

Ona Soil and Water Science Highlight with Maria Silveira
Proposed Changes in Regulations Governing Land Application of Biosolids in Florida
Ona Highlight Maria Silveira 2019 April PDF

Ona LTAR Program Highlight with Britt Smith
Effects of prescribed fire on cattle use and foraging behavior in subtropical grasslands
Ona Highlight Britt Smith 2019 March PDF

Ona Animal Science Program Highlight with John Arthington
Assessing Beef Ranch Trace Mineral Status
Ona Highlight John Arthington 2019 Feb PDF

Ona Weed Science Program Highlight with Brent Sellers
Management of Brunswickgrass in Bahia Seed Production Fields
Ona Highlight Brent Sellers 2019 Jan PDF

Ona Rangeland Wildlife and Ecosystems Program Highlight with Raoul Boughton
Wild Hogs and Big Data: How to deal with 7 million game camera images to answer questions on hog biology and management
Ona Highlight Raoul Boughton 2018 Dec PDF

Ona Highlight with guest presenter Betsey Boughton of MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center
Archbold-UF LTAR Project: Manipulating fire and grazing to enhance the delivery of ecosystem services from subtropical humid grasslands

Ona Graduate Student Highlight with Wes Anderson
Impacts of wild pigs on wetlands and aquatic communities across a Florida rangeland
Download PDF of presentation

Ona Agronomy Highlight with Joao Vendramini
Program Update - Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Limpograss
Download PDF of presentation

Ona Highlight with guest presenter Jim Strickland, Vice Chairman of Florida Conservation Group & owner of Blackbeard Ranch in Manatee County
Conservation Easements from a rancher's perspective
Download PDF of presentation

Ona Beef Cattle and Forage Economics Program Highlight with Chris Prevatt
Program Update - Marketing 2018 Feeder Calves
Download PDF of presentation

Ona Highlight with guest presenter Mario Binelli of the UF Animal Science Dept.
Beef Cattle Reproductive Challenges in Florida
Download PDF of presentation

Weed Science Program Highlight with Brent Sellers
Smutgrass Down Under: Our recent exposure to smutgrass management in Australia
Download PDF of presentation

Ona Ph.D. Student Highlight - Joao Sanchez
Evaluation of management practices to improve pintoi peanut productivity and nutritive value in South Florida
Download PDF of presentation

Animal Science Highlight with Philipe Moriel
Program Update: An Update on the Florida Cattlemen's Association Projects & a Summary of the Body Condition Score Extension Programs Recently Completed
Download PDF of presentation

Soil and Water Sciences Highlight with Maria Silveira
Program Update: How to interpret your soil test results
Download PDF of presentation

Animal Science Highlight with John Arthington
Program Update: Selenium Nutrition of Grazing Beef Cattle in Florida
Download PDF of presentation

Rangeland Wildlife and Ecosystems Highlight with Raoul Boughton
Program Update: Using Drones to Assess Feral Swine Damage on Florida Rangeland
Download PDF of presentation

Livestock and Forage Economics Highlight with Chris Prevatt
Program Update - Beef Cattle and Forage Economics Highlight
Download PDF of presentation

Agronomy Highlight with Joao Vendramini
Program Update: The Use of Sunnhemp as Forage in Florida
slides: pdf of Joao's presentation

Animal Science Highlight with Philipe Moriel & Gleise da Silva
Program Update: FCA 2017 Studies and Preconditioning Studies
Download PDF of presentation

Weed Science Highlight with Brent Sellers
Program Update: Students, Perennial Peanut, Smutgrass, and Bermudagrass
Download PDF of presentation

Animal Science Highlights with John Arthington & Juliana Ranches
Program Update: Factors impacting the free-choice intake of salt-based mineral supplements 
Download PDF of John Arthington's presentationDownload PDF of Juliana Ranches' presentation

Ona Report Presentations