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Protocol Change

IFAS changes protocol for generating phosphorus recommendations for established bahiagrass pastures. learn more.

Ona White Angus Information

- Sale press release (7/6/15)
- Frequently asked questions
- Field day handout (10/22/15)
- Field day videos and presentations
- Herd sale canceled (1/8/16)




New tower measures weather parameters and carbon dioxide to determine Carbon flux of the environment. Included is a camera that measures red, green, and blue wavelengths as well as infra-red. These wavelengths can be used to estimate chloroplasts in the leaves of plants to understand seasonal growth and productivity of the habitat and particular species. To learn more, click here.

Ona Report Webinar

Register now for the September Ona Report Webinar "Should I Buy Stocker Calves This Fall or a Fishing License?" with Chris Prevatt presenting at noon on Sept. 15.
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75th Anniversary Celebration to be held!

On Oct. 27 the Center will celebrate it's 75th Anniversary at the Cattle and Forage Field Day. Save the date and plan to attend!
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