Weed Science Program

Pasture Weed Day 2006 / Weed Identification / Links / Publications / Dr. Brent Sellers

Extension Focus (60%)

Educate cattle ranchers and ranchette owners on cost effect weed management strategies for weed control in pastures and rangeland.

Specific educational activities include:

  • Weed Identification and Biology.
  • General weed control recommendations for pastures.
  • Cost effective weed control programs for forage grasses including cultivars of bermudagrass, bahiagrass, stargrass and limpograss.
  • Management systems that promote forage yield while minimizing weed emergence and establishment.
  • Invasive weed control in pastures

Research Focus (40%)

Weed Management in Pastures and Rangeland

  • Evaluation of new and existing chemical products to maximize weed control.
  • Examination of weed biology and ecology as related to pasture and rangeland management strategies.
  • Management of smutgrass species through chemical control, fertility, and grazing management strategies.

Invasive weed management

  • Identification of invasive weed and management strategies, which includes cultural, herbicidal and biological control methodologies.
  • Control of limpograss in the Kissimmee River Floodplain.
  • Management of West Indian marsh grass in Myakka River State Park.
  • Biology of invasive species.