Soil and Water Sciences

Maria Lucia Silveira
UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center
3401 Experiment Station, Ona, FL 33865
Phone: (863) 735-1314, Fax: (863) 735-1930

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The mission of the Soil and Water Science program is to provide scientific-based information on nutrient management strategies that result in optimum forage production and profitability, and yet protect water quality. The major components of our mission are to address the needs of beef cattle industry in south Florida and to promote education programs that emphasize the importance of sustainable use of soil and water resources.


The research component of the Soil and Water Science program focus on the following areas:

  • To understand fundamental relationship between soil, forage, and livestock production and determine management practices that utilize these resources more efficiently;
  • To develop economically viable soil fertility programs for major forage crops;
  • To investigate the beneficial use of animal and municipal by-products as nutrient sources for forage production;
  • To examine the impacts of agriculture on water quality and determine alternatives to protect Florida’s unique ecosystem.


The main purposes of extension component of the Soil and Water Science program are to disseminate information that will help producers dealing with soil fertility and water quality issues that affect the beef cattle industry and to support and promote the ecological benefits of cattle ranchers and rangelands to Florida’s urban society.


  • Developing Cost-Effective and Sustainable Forage Production and Fertilization for Remediation of P-enriched Soils in South Florida.
  • Management of Dairy Effluent/Manure for Forage Production and its Effect on the Environment in the Tropics.


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