Coyote Livestock Damage Questionnaire

coyote_grassCoyote – Calf Interactions - update
Dear Ranching Community Member,
First of all, thank you for your overwhelming response and first hand stories of coyote observations. I could write a book and maybe should.  Call me again if I missed getting back to you. It was obvious to me that there is an unknown level of coyote impact upon calf-loss in Florida and as such I have developed a survey to help quantify the calf-loss and coyote impact upon cattle.  This was given out in registration material at the latest 2014 Cattleman’s Convention, Marco Island.  The survey can be completed online at , you can click here to access a PDF version for print.

To base estimates upon and describe the actual impact this predator has on the ranching community, we really do need rancher participation. Please consider spending the time (about 15-20mins) to fill out the survey and remember some information is better than none, and questions can be skipped if too difficult.  I can be contacted at or 863 735 1314 ext. 216.